Announcing The Beauty Closet's Top Concealer of the Year: Dinoplatz Guggenosaurus Concealer

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You might be thinking I'm speaking in babble at this point [lol!]...but I'm actually referring to the unique and super cute Korean beauty brand: too cool for school! Dinoplatz  is one of the collections that this cool brand offers here in the U.S. and there are a couple of more collections that can be found as well. The Egg and Special Care lines have other cute quality beauty and cosmetic items and there are 2 more that are coming soon: Za and Glam Rock. I can't wait until these come out as I will be snatching up some items as soon as they do. You can see more about too cool for school's collections >here<.

 What really stands out for me with this brand in particular, is their unique and different approach to combining quality products with cool artwork. The Dinoplatz line art & design comes from the creative mind of Hatori Sando, a painter and architect  that has collaborated with too cool for school for many years. As for a "guggenoraurus" there is actually no such dinosaur, however the dinosaur pictured on the adorable packaging and item itself does very closely represent the Brachiosaurus.

too cool for school:&nbsp; Dinoplatz Loose &amp; Silly Powder $36

too cool for school: Dinoplatz Loose & Silly Powder $36

This humongous dinosaur had a very long neck and a small head in proportion to its quite large overall size. Because of its huge size and unique physical structure, this dinosaur preferred to chow down on tons of forage; this particular dinosaur most closely resembles the giraffe of today's world than that of any other surviving creature. I suppose that's why I might be a little partial towards the Brachiosaurus...I've been super fond of giraffes since I was a little girl ;) My mother took me to see them once when a baby had just been born and we got the opportunity to get rather close- I remember thinking just how cute he was and that was it- I demanded everything from stuffed animals to coloring books [all with giraffes of course!]. I imagine my mother was very sick of them at some point ;)

 It seems to me that as women, we aren't really "allowed" to enjoy adorable packaging for beauty and cosmetic products. Brands have assumed that because we're "all grown up" we don't care for super cute packaging and design- well I do....and I think a lot more women might feel the same! Companies have started to take note as well and that means that more and more brands are coming to the limelight that have something to offer other than just a great quality product- they have something absolutely adorable too!

We all like to have a little fun every now and then and sometimes your beauty routine can feel like a chore :/ For me, this makes beauty a tad bit more enjoyable :) too cool for school encompasses this feeling very well and not only provides super cute products, but items that are also curated with top-notch quality! Get the lowdown on why tool cool for school's Dinoplatz: Guggenosaurus Concealer made The Beauty Closet's Top Concealer of the Year below:




too cool for school


Guggenosaurus Concealer


If there was a concealer that I wish I'd tried sooner- it would be this product! Not only is the packaging adorable, but the product really does work! It's not over-drying as many concealers can be and it's blendable and easily buildable. I noticed how easy this product was to apply and it you utilize the provided applicator, you can use this tool to apply the product and then either dab in with your fingers or use another tool or sponge like the beautyblender. They make a mini version of the tool that's perfect for getting into hard-to-reach areas like underneath and around the eyes.

The product contains 2 different colors that are at the opposite end of the scale from each other in regards to tone, allowing for almost anyone to be able to easily match their own skin tone perfectly. I actually found that the lighter color worked quite well for me all on it's own and I didn't really need to use the darker color much, although I have super fair skin so this may not be the case for most people. Both shades should be of much more use to many and it's great that this item contains options!

There are often times when I find that concealer will crease on me, but this product didn't do this at all and it stayed put once I applied it. It's also great for covering blemishes and scars! As for drawbacks, there was only 1 that I felt jumped out at me and that was that it doesn't appear you can remove the case from the card that it comes on. It's part of the design and it's super cute, but if you did want to remove it or you were planning on taking it off of the container then you may not want to go for this item.

I haven't tried to completely dismantle it as I feel that I may damage the concealer container itself, but I would advise against it as it does appear to be attached snugly to the card. This makes for a bulkier item that may not fit in some instances and I that may not work for some. I didn't really mind this issue though as the item is so adorable and works well. It's currently sold out at, but I am guessing that won't be for long and I am sure that it can be found elsewhere such as Amazon [from independent sellers]. 

Valentine Welcome Box


Valentine Nail Look Inspiration

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Getting Ready for the New Semester? Keep Refreshed On-the-go With: too cool for school Cherry blossoms mist

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Too Cool For School...?!

This unique and cool brand is becoming one of my favorites quickly and I would have to say the main reason is that they really try to set themselves apart from the rest ;) Their creative packaging and artistry for each item, makes them different and fun. A fantastic bonus to their innovative approach, is that their product quality is equally matched! I recently reviewed the first product that I tried from their Dinoplatz collection and I knew that I was going to have to give another one of their products a try ;) Today, I thought I would share with all of you the next product that I managed to snag from Cherry Blossoms Mist. See what it's all about below!



too cool for school

Cherry Blossoms Mist


When it comes to aresol cans, I'm not normally a big fan of them at all- however I absolutely LOVED this product and it goes around with me everywhere now :) It's small enough to fit in most purses, even smaller ones! I just take this out and shake it a few seconds and then spritz the can in a circular motion around my entire face a couple of times, making sure to hold the can a few feet away from my face. Then I just pat a bit on my skin and the mist dries within a few seconds. It smells wonderfully as well and I love how refreshed and luminous my skin looks and feels after using this. This one is perfect for any skin type or age :)


$20 off $50

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