Firm Skin & Fight the Signs of Aging with a Natural Approach with Honeysuckle! Try: fresh Black-Tea Age-Delay Firming Serum with Honeysuckle Leaf Extract

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These shrubs are numerous in variety with around 180 species having been identified, with about 100 of those originating from China- like white honeysuckle. There are also around 20 of these types of honeysuckle that come from my own backyard here in North America too. Most of these plants have the ability to climb as vines do and also have fruit ranging in colors of red, black, or blue. Many of these species however are considered to be poisonous, although there are a few that are edible and grown specifically for human consumption.

The Flowers are where the sweet and edible nectar resides, with the flowers themselves smelling nice and sweet. Unfortunately for the plant, it has begun to be considered by some to be an invasive species when they were introduced outside of their native origins and brought here to places in the U.S. and also New Zealand. I'm sure you might be wondering- "Well that's all great and wonderful...but what does it do for my skin exactly?!". The awesome thing about honeysuckle is that is's packed full of flavonoids and antioxidants.

Flavonoids are yellow or red/blue in color and generally come from flowers; they are utilized by the plant to attract pollination animals and for UV filtration. For humans, the benefits of these little guys are numerous including reduction in inflammation and antioxidant activity. The extract is excellent for inflammation too and perfect for those with chronic skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea- it's also a great fighter against those pesky signs of aging :) Want to give honeysuckle a try?! Learn all about The Beauty Closet's recommended product below from fresh, that contains Black Tea & Honeysuckle Leaf extract !




Black Tea Age-Delay Firming Serum


Now I have to start out with the first thing that is on my mind with this product: it's a tad bit on the pricier side than some might want to spend- I can definitely understand where you are coming from on that one! However, I can also advise that this would be money very well spent and you are going to be glad you spent a little bit more than you might normally spend on a skincare product once you snag this gem up! It's a great find and I was lucky to get a deluxe-sized sample from a recent order and I fell immediately in LOVE :)

Starting with the packaging, which made the product stand out for me right from the start: even the sample size comes in a nicely-designed glass bottle with a unique dropper-type nozzle that you can lightly squeeze to allow a drop of the product to be dispensed. The tip of the dispenser is a rubber/silicone-like material that allows for an easy withdrawal of the product with not waste or mess either!.

There's a twist-on end cap to prevent the product that might be in the end of the tip, from accidentally spilling out as well. I really like that there isn't an annoying scent to this and it also absorbs quickly and easily into the skin. You will see an improvement in tightness, evenness, and firmness with daily usage of this fresh serum and - I've even see a reduction in fine lines :)

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