Looking for a New Cleanser? Try a Cleansing Milk! The Beauty Closet Recommends: Nuxe Cleansing Milk with Rose Petals

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Have you ever noticed that many Korean women seem to often have flawless and beautiful skin and wondered why?! It's not just because they take very good care of their skin, but it's also in what they do to their skin that really makes the difference. Many take on a complex 10-step cleansing and moisturizing beauty regimen that could take on many existing routines without trying :0 This includes cleansing twice and usually with a creamy cleanser or cleansing milk- which is a super moisturizing & rich cleanser that can be rubbed into the skin with circular motions.

You can then wipe away the excess on your skin and follow with toner. The process in Japan normally involves an oil-based cleanser as the first cleansing step, followed by a thicker formulated gentler cleanser such as a facial cleansing milk. Providing several layers of hydration is key in this skincare routine and that's one of the reasons why it's so successful and becoming very popular such as places like here in the U.S. What's great about this overall approach is that it's perfect for all skin types and bodes well for those with super sensitive skin as well.

If you have acne-prone & oil skin, this is also an excellent choice as it promotes skin balance and health without over-drying or stressing your skin. If you would like to give this method a try, make sure to check out The Beauty Closet's recommended cleansing milk from Nuxe below! Get the lowdown on this awesome product and don't forget to enter my current giveaways AND sign up for The Beauty Closet newsletter below as well! There are some great surprises coming up in the next few months- don't miss out ;)





Cleansing Milk with Rose Petals


This is a super gentle facial milk cleanser that will leave your skin feeling soft and your skin will look fantastic too! A great option for almost any skin type and beauty-lover, this awesome product is sure to please :) I'm beyond picky when it comes to face cleansers in general and I had not tried but one other brand's option and I didn't really care for it all that much. As for Nuxe's attempt at a facial cleansing milk, this was world's different and I loved it!

I found this product was a perfect companion to my skincare routine by adding it in before OR after my regular foam cleanser that I already am currently using. It was a dream for getting off the remaining makeup and grime that was still on my skin from the day and after cleansing. I LOVE that it's very affordable at $20 and also has a simple-design with an easy-to-use pump dispenser that prevents mess and waste. 



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