The Beauty Closet's 5 Simple Tips for Spring-ready Hair + Bonus Recommended Product & Review from: éprouvage

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  1. Start with a fresh cut! Your hair has been battled by Winter weather for the past few months and needs to be trimmed in the very least. This will rid hair of split ends and stimulate growth. Having your hair cut shorter will also aid in keeping you cooler during the warmer season :)
  2. Protect your hair and scalp from the damaging effects of the sun by swapping your daily hair care products for those containing UV protection, like a heat-styling aid or conditioner. Not only will this keep your from damaging your hair, but it will prevent highlights from fading and dryness from occurring.
  3. Avoid the pool or chlorinated water if possible! Water-treatment chemicals tend to dry out your scalp and hair, in addition to creating a chlorine build-up that causes damage and dullness :/ If you do need to hit the pool, use a clarifying shampoo & conditioner; rinse your hair with water immediately following your hair being exposed to chlorine/water-treatment chemicals, if  you don't have the ability to actually wash your hair.
  4. A once-a-week deep conditioning treatment or masque aids in locking in moisture for your scalp and hair, while also keeping your hair looking & feeling healthy and strong. Heat, sun, and water exposure can be trying to your scalp/hair and using a treatment at least one time a week will keep it strong and frizz at bay :)
  5. Drop the creamy, thick formulated hair care products and go for "lighter" products that won't weigh hair down. Try products that are oil-free and look for items that encourage "beach waves" or texturizing. Looking for some great hair care products to get your hair Spring-ready? Check out The Beauty Closet's recommended products from Eprouvage below!





$15-16 EA.

I'm quite a fan of Eprouvage hair care products and I've snagged a few at this point, so I was fairly certain I was going to love these as well. I was definitely correct on my assumption...I love them :) This is probably my favorite duo that I've tried from Eprouvage yet! It leaves my hair feeling soft, strong, and looking super healthy! It smells great, with a light and pleasant scent that doesn't annoy.

The conditioner comes with a pump-action nozzle so you can easily get out the right amount of product without making a huge mess- or wasting it! At $15 a piece [$1 more for the conditioner @$16], you aren't going to break the bank at an 8.45 oz bottle size. If you've been looking for a great fortifying hair care duo that doesn't cost a fortune and isn't chalked full of parabens, sulfates, & glutens too :) I recommend both of these products for most hair types!

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