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It's easy to concentrate on skin protection during the colder months- especially with the amount of advertisements and products out there on a constant basis! How could you possibly forget with all of the constant reminders ;) However many often forget about hair and scalp protection during the fall and winter.

A large portion of people will go through a fairly cold winter this season and for those who don't live in a warmer climate, near a beach, or won't be travelling for the winter- it's not difficult to see why this might not be their main focus. But, your hair and scalp do need protection during these months! Also, if you are fortunate enough to travel to a warmer climate for the winter, vacationing, or live in an area of the country that doesn't get all the cold year-'round- you will still want to protect your scalp and hair as well.

So what's the best way to do that?! There are a few products out there that offer up solutions, but most that I've come across are simply drab or are outdated. Protecting your hair and scalp doesn't mean you should have to sacrifice fashion does it?! I was really starting to think so...until I found a super cute and trendy alternative- HADRY! Get the scoop on this adorable accessory below :)



HADRY Scarf-  Some Like It Hot Yellow

HADRY Scarf- Some Like It Hot Yellow



Pretty In Pink Paisley


I can't rave enough about this ultra-cute hair accessory! I ended up being really surprised at home much I LOVE it :) Let me start out by sharing that I'm not a hat or hair accessory girl in the first place- I just generally don't care for them. I have very thick and coarse hair which sometimes poses an issue for hair clips and bands for example.

As for hats, they often don't look the way I'd like them too and they often get worn once and then forgotten about. When this arrived though, I knew I'd discovered a keeper! ;) I chose the "Pretty In Pink Paisley" print as I just loved the colors and pretty design- it turns out that it's even prettier in person!

There are 2 types to choose from [bun or scarf] as well and I went with the scarf version since it seemed to have more versatility and was more my style. The HADRY is well-designed and made with care- this was apparent from the moment I took it out of the box. Each accessory comes nicely boxed and the container can be used for storage too. There's also a card showing different ways in which you can wear your HADRY, in addition to 3 non-metal hair elastics.

You can use the hair ties to put up your hair or to aid in styling of your HADRY as well. The inside is well-lined with the signature HADRY logo and includes a gold "HD" logo attached to the front of the accessory too. I found this to be easy to wear and I immediately loved the way it looked from the second I put it on- that's very rare for me :)

Not only will this protect your hair from the UV rays and water, but it's perfect for bad hair days or for times when you just don't have a lot of time. It's also great to take on trips for hair protection and would make a wonderful gift!

The slight drawback is that you can't completely submerge your hair in water as the material is not water-proof, but it is okay with light splashing. The material HADRY is made of is composed of a unique and trademarked Humiloc. This neat fabric is breathable and water-resistant! Overall, I absolutely LOVE my HADRY and I would recommend this cute & trendy hair accessory for anyone :)

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