Want to Naturally Moisturize Skin? Learn Why Cocoa Butter can be Your Skin's New Best Friend + Recommended Product: Palmer's Original Solid

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This yellowish pale veggie fat comes from the cocoa bean and in it's common edible form, it's often used in chocolate. Not only does cocoa butter provide a great scent and flavor, but it is utilized in ointments, pharmaceuticals, and toiletry items. The butter is created by a process in which the beans are fermented, roasted, and separated from their hulls; the remaining mixture can result in up to just under 60% cocoa butter.

At times, the strong smell or bitter taste may be removed through a further process of deodorization. There have been substitutes curated due to the rising costs of cocoa butter, such as coconut oil or palm oil- but these substances can sometimes exceed healthy fat content levels and they are less stable. Here in the U.S., there has to be a 100% cocoa butter content in order for the product to be labeled chocolate.

When it comes to natural antioxidants, cocoa butter is where it's at- which is why it's become the go-to candidate for skincare products such as moisturizers and soaps. As for moisturization, cocoa butter is an excellent natural hydrater that will also improve the appearance of scars & stretch marks :) Cocoa butter will enhance your skin's texture and improve an uneven skin tone as well. Looking for an affordable product that boasts natural ingredients? Get the lowdown below on The Beauty Closet's Recommended moisturizer from Palmer's!


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Cocoa Butter Formula

Original Solid


If there is such a thing as the best overall moisturizer that works for most everyone, this would be one of my top picks of all time :) Not only is this product super affordable, but it works! I love using this moisturizer on rough spots like my heals, elbows, and knees- it's perfect for hydrating super dry & difficult areas. There's a nice yet light & pleasant scent that won't annoy and the product absorbs well into the skin. What's really great about this product, is that it's composed of good-for-you ingredients like cocoa butter, cocoa extract, and Vitamin E.

As a solid, it's very easy to use- I like dabbing a couple fingers lightly on top of the solid and then applying to needed areas. This product is also great for difficult skin conditions like eczema and good for overnight treatments for deep, penetrating moisturization. You would feel and see the difference with this product from the very first time you give it a try and at this price, it's not going to break the bank either ;)

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