Repair Damage and Smooth You Locks with The Recommended Hair Care Product of the Year from The Beauty Closet: ColorProof CrazySmooth Anti-Frizz Treatment Masque

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  1. Start with the right products! Utilize a sulfate-free formula that's void of parabens as well.  
  2. Use a once-a-week moisturizing treatment mask to deeply penetrate the hair and scalp to hydrate and protect your hair :)
  3. Allow your hair to air-dry between 75-90% before you blow-dry or complete heat-styling- this will greatly reduce frizz!
  4. Try to avoid avidly brushing hair and utilize a wide-toothed comb or your fingers instead. 
  5. If you can, skip washing your hair every day and only try a few times a week at most. Over-washing will cause your scalp and hair to be stripped of natural oils and result in dryness.
  6. Leave out towel-drying all together as this won't let the hair cuticle to lay flat  and this will make hair look frizzy :/ 
  7. Add heat-tool protection with a good thermal activated product, applying before your use your flatiron, dryer, or curling iron. This will tame frizz and give you a sleek style :) {go for products containing Silicone = smooth cuticle!}
  8. Stick with Touralmine/Ionic hair tools and this will not only reduce frizz but it will aid in keeping the hair cutilce down!

the beauty closet recommends:



anti-frizz treatment masque



If you've been on the hunt for a top-notch hydrating hair mask, that doesn't contain all the terrible chemicals and other harsh abrasives that will only cause scalp & hair dryness, in addition to color loss. This product smells absolutely wonderful and leaves your hair feeling ultra smooth, soft, and frizz-free!

I like leaving this product in my hair for my entire shower and then rinsing out, allowing for it to deeply penetrate my hair and scalp :) The formula is super thick and creamy, so it's easy to apply & ensure deep penetration of the product. I would recommend this for most hair types- I promise you will LOVE this awesome treatment masque!

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