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I know what you might be thinking at this point...this girl has just lost her mind?! I wouldn't blame you at all for perhaps jumping to that conclusion, but I swear that I'm still sane ;) These items actually do all have something in common and I promise there's a sensible explanation, but lets start out with a little background of each one of these things first. For starters, when you look at the Sapphire, it's a beautiful stone that we often think of as something to adorn ourselves with and for good reason.

Sapphires can range in a rainbow of colors from blue, yellow, green, orange, brown, or purple. The gemstone was most likely referred to by the Greeks as lapis lazuli and the most common color type is indeed blue. They can be found all over the world as well from North America to China and East Africa. If you picture the Sapphire as just a gemstone for jewelry, it's more than that for sure- they are used in armored vehicles, semiconducting circuits, and even barcode scanners for grocery stores :0

I bet you are wondering at this point if they have anything to do with skincare...? Yes they do! Sapphires help your skin fight the signs of aging by boosting your skin's collagen levels, in addition to improving hydration and elasticity. When looking at Japanese kelp, we are talking about one of the 31 species of brown algae that are also often known as kelp. Japanese Kelp or tangle can grow fairly large and are utilized in everything from medical devices, to food. In South Korea and China, the plant is processed into laminaria jelly and eaten.

A study published in June 2013 by the National Center of Biotechnology Information took at look at the effectiveness of Japanese kelp in regards to providing good hydration for skin. The plant was found to be quite good fit and a promising ingredient to be used in skincare! As for Kojic acid, this unique compound is derived from several fungi species and is the result of the rice fermentation process. Kojic acid is utilized in preserving fruits that are freshly cut and is used in cometics.

It's a fantastic brightener and contains antibacterial and antifungal properties as well. All together these 3 very different yet powerful ingredients provide a trifecta of awesomeness when it comes to fighting the signs of aging and boosting overall skin health. If you're wondering if there's a great product out there that offers up all 3 of these ingredients?! Definitely! Make sure to check out The Beauty Closet's recommended product below:




Golden Sapphire Serum


This is a fantastic product and it was impressive for the moment it arrived :) It comes nicely boxed that can be used for storage if you wish as it's designed with a magnetic closure and is well-constructed. You may however want to leave this one laying out as the container itself it beautiful and makes a nice decorative piece.

The pump bottle is also well-designed with a nicely-made pump that will allow for just the right amount of product to be dispensed without wasting. I really love the scent of this serum too- it's light and very pleasant. The serum is the perfect consistency that spreads easily and provides a thin coat on the skin with little effort- it also dries in a quick manner so there's less than a minute of downtime from application.

Your skin will look and feel fresher, younger, smoother, and healthier! I noticed all of those improvements after just the first usage and it's now become my go-to daily serum :) The pricing is a tad higher than many might want to spend, however I can attest to it's quality and effectiveness! This would be an excellent request for yourself for the upcoming holidays or a great gift for that someone special who's into skincare and/or cosmetics.

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When hear or see the word Onyx, the beautiful black stone probably comes to mind right away. There's a lot more to this Agate than I initially thought! Firstly, the Onyx offers up more varieties than the common black stone we so often see; there are other colors in shades of purple, blue, red, white, and even green! Most of the black Onyx that you find today is in fact colored artificially and this method has been around since the ancient Roman times.

The gemstone is found all over the world in parts of Germany, Latin America, the UK, China, Australia, and even a few states in the U.S. Historically, Onyx has been utilized in jewelry and carving - the Egyptians used the gem to create pottery, in addition to the Greeks and Romans who used the stone for jewelry. The word Onyx literally means fingernail or claw in Greek and is most likely a reference to a Greek myth, although the exact reference has been debated.

The myth involves the Greek gods Venus and Cupid: one day Cupid cleverly cut off some of Venus' fingernails, resulting in some of those nails falling to the ground and then transforming into what we now know as Onyx. One of the most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world is an Onyx and diamond panther bracelet made by Cartier from 1952, that was sold at auction for over $12 million :0 So what does it do exactly for skin?!  For starters, it aids in the never-ending fight against the signs of aging, while improving your skin's elasticity.

Onyx also helps with skin regeneration, inflammation, and rejuvenates the skin- all while doing it in luxury & style :) Now when it comes to products out there that offer up the Onyx as an ingredient, there really aren't that may out there :/ I'm sure that some of this has to do with the fact that it might be an expensive venture and something that it takes a bit of R&D for a good while, before you can just throw the mineral into any product.

Luckily, there is an awesome brand out there that specializes in creating specialty skincare and beauty products like these- Lionesse! They show that it's possible to create quality and effective items with a different approach. Make sure to check out my verdict of their Black Onyx Cream below + a little bit about the brand:

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They are a newer salon brand that provides luxury boutique products, in addition to offering up makeovers! What I really like about them, is that Lionesse strives to make products that are revolutionary in the way that they make your skin looks and feels. The company has two other brands- Celestolite and Venofye that focus on providing lux & top-notch quality beauty items as well. Celestolite features a skincare line that contains authentic powdered meteorite! Venofye on the other hand, takes a different approach that hones in on bee venom as it's prime component- which is equally cool and unique :)  




Black Onyx Cream


This product is one to impress from the get-go when it arrives in a nicely made and well-designed box that allows for storage too. I love that it snaps shut with a simple and easy magnetic closing action as well :) The product container is equally as thought-out and provides an excellent decor piece that can be left lying around without looking obtrusive or unpleasant-looking.

The pump mechanism itself is designed in such a way that you can easily get out just the right amount of the cream without wasting it or making a huge mess. I was absolutely shocked at how great my skin looked and felt just after the first application of the Black Onyx Cream :0 When it comes to the scent- it's spectacular as well! Sometimes perfumes and other scents can create issues for me as I have beyond sensitive skin, yet this product just felt and smelled great!

My face looked luminous and soft all day, making this perfect for underneath makeup or for a nightly skincare boost. The only drawback I could honestly find with this product was the pricing- however keeping in mind that this IS a luxury skincare item so that is going to be part of what makes it a high-quality brand.

I will note though, that this doesn't always mean it's a great product because of the price- I've found this be unfortunately be true more often than not :/ When looking at the Lionesse line of products, this isn't something you are going to find true one bit- you are paying for a top-notch luxury skincare beauty product and that's exactly what you are going to get :)


Lionesse Fierce Femelle




Skip the Brush Cheek Stick

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