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Too Cool For School...?!

This unique and cool brand is becoming one of my favorites quickly and I would have to say the main reason is that they really try to set themselves apart from the rest ;) Their creative packaging and artistry for each item, makes them different and fun. A fantastic bonus to their innovative approach, is that their product quality is equally matched! I recently reviewed the first product that I tried from their Dinoplatz collection and I knew that I was going to have to give another one of their products a try ;) Today, I thought I would share with all of you the next product that I managed to snag from Cherry Blossoms Mist. See what it's all about below!



too cool for school

Cherry Blossoms Mist


When it comes to aresol cans, I'm not normally a big fan of them at all- however I absolutely LOVED this product and it goes around with me everywhere now :) It's small enough to fit in most purses, even smaller ones! I just take this out and shake it a few seconds and then spritz the can in a circular motion around my entire face a couple of times, making sure to hold the can a few feet away from my face. Then I just pat a bit on my skin and the mist dries within a few seconds. It smells wonderfully as well and I love how refreshed and luminous my skin looks and feels after using this. This one is perfect for any skin type or age :)


$20 off $50

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