Want to Fight Acne & the Signs of Aging Naturally? Try the Black Pine Tree! + Recommended Product from Korres: Black Pine Firming Night Cream

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Japanese Black Pine Tree seedlings

Japanese Black Pine Tree seedlings


There are some surprising plants and trees out there that can do some fairly amazing things when it comes to our health and skincare- there's a lot of research that's been conducted as well. This change has come about due to the increased acceptance and encouragement of natural and organic sources being utilized in cosmetic and skincare items. More and more brands are popping up that are taking this approach too!

A good example can be found in the Black Pine or sometimes commonly called the Austrian Pine [Pinus nigra]; this species of pine can be found all over the world from the Mediterranean to Turkey, Spain, and parts of Algeria. The oil can be created by steam distilling the tree's needles, twigs, and cones.

Not only is it an excellent natural lubricant/moisturizer, but it has decent disinfectant properties, naturally deodorizes, and is an antibacterial [perfect for combating acne!] as well. Needle extract [pinus nigra bud extract] is even effective against dangerous germs such as salmonella, influenze/the flu, and Staph. Since this compound is also packed full of antioxidants, this makes it a great candidate for fighting those pesky signs of aging too! 





Firming, Lifting, & Anti-wrinkle Night Cream


If you want something that brings real results, this is THE product to try! Now as with any anti-aging and firming product, you do have to use a daily application and you won't necessarily get instant results. It does take some time to start seeing a really noticeable difference, however I did start seeing improvement within my first week of application- once an evening before bedtime.

What you get is exactly what the product claims it will do: lift, firm, and fight the signs of aging! It's rare to come across a skincare item that really does what it says it will do. Korres really outdid themselves with this night cream- in my opinion, it's probably up there are the top of my list when it comes to night creams :) My skin felt tighter, smoother, and refreshed!

What I really like about this night cream is that it doesn't cause me to break out, it smells lovely and not overpowering, and really does work :) There are quite a few night creams out there on the market and this one is something to have in your arsenal. Besides Black Pine, this awesome product contains a Black Tea Active Agent, Black Oat Extract, Active Soy & Wild Yam Complex AND more! All of these fantastic natural ingredients combined, makes for the perfect age-fighting little miracle worker ;)

I've become a big fan and you're sure to LOVE this one too. The price is a little on the steeper side, which I found to be the only drawback- but this is something I'm willing to overlook due to the fabulous quality and effectiveness Korres has brought to the table with this product. 

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