Promote Your Skin's Natural Regeneration by Helping Your Skin to Become and Stay Youthful! The Beauty Closet Recommends: Silkriller 3D Silver Pure Rich Gel & Moisture Cream

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This Week's Beauty Spotlight

I came across this brand recently and they stuck a chord with me almost immediately- mostly for their attention to detail and the positive information that I saw about the company. It gave me the good vibes I look for in up-and-coming brands and I thought I would give them a chance to see what they were really all about.

Long story short, I ended up loving their products! I thought I would share with all of you via a 2-part post, on my experience with my thoughts on one of their awesome skincare regimens- the Revitalization Set. Yesterday, I featured the first 2 steps in the set [the Deep Facial Cleanser & Revitalizing Beauty Tonic] so today I will be giving you the lowdown on the last 2 products: the 3D Silver Gel & Moisture Cream!

To give you a quick run-down on Silkriller, here's a little bit about the company: the silk proteins that are put into their products is 100% locally spun, produced, and manufactured Japanese silk. Their products are made in the mountains of Osaka,Japan and without harmful urban air & soil pollutants. Because of their unique locale, Silkriller is also able to gather natural running water for manufacturing of their skincare items as well.

They've curated a specially-formulated and patented silk fibroin that contains a whopping 18 amino acids :) These awesome little guys are 100 x's smaller than the width of a human hair, but they can repair skin cells and actually aid in skin cell regeneration! This means that your skin will LOVE you and you will restore not only it's natural glow, but it's natural beauty too ;)

Silkriller has committed themselves to providing top-notch skincare products that will transform how your skin looks AND feels! Their main goal is to ensure that everyone can benefit from the secrets of silk- gaining radiant and healthy skin. I find this to be quite a goal and it's difficult for a skincare brand to achieve this in my mind...but Silkriller DOES live up to their aim :) 

The Beauty Closet Recommends:


3D Silver

Pure Rich Gel

*$475 for the entire set of 4 products total OR

*$160 >Moisture Cream & $125 3D Silver Pure Rich Gel -ind. pricing.

Let me start out by saying that I'm a bit picky when it comes to serums and similar-type products. They often cause me to break out, super expensive, and don't do much of anything. This has left me feeling as though I've wasted my money for a high-priced item that didn't actually improve my skin :( I actually don't mind paying decent money for a serum or cream...IF it works, but that's sadly more often not the case.

If I do come across a decent serum and it's worth the money, I know it's a good investment that my skin will thank me for years down the road. Occasionally I'm fortunate to come across one of these products and this 3D Silver Pure Rich Gel from Silkriller is one of these awesome skincare items. I know this as soon as it arrived.

Not only is the bottle beautifully boxed, but the container itself is well-crafted. It's composed of glass and a metal top/cap & nicely-designed pump bottle too. This allows for you to get the product out with little effort-or waste! You don't need much of the product- it's not even necessary to depress the pump and entire "press" to get out what I want for application of my entire face and neck area. That means that although this gel is above $100, you will we get your money's worth easily; even with daily usage, it's going to take you a good while :)

Although the product dries fairly quickly, you will notice that it will take a bit longer to fully absorb into your skin. For this reason, I would recommend this product for nighttime [before bed] and perhaps when you first get up for the day- this will give the product enough time to fully penetrate your skin. This gel will leave your skin feeling super hydrated and is great for fighting the signs of aging, such as fine lines and cell regeneration. I love how glowing and healthy my skin looks and feels and I would recommend this serum all on it's own or you can snag it in the Revitalization Set available at


Moisture Cream

Hydrating Moisturizer

[ both can be purchased ind. or w/revitalization set]

*$475 for the entire set of 4 products total OR

*$160 >Moisture Cream & $125 3D Silver Pure Rich Gel -ind. pricing.

This is another product that normally for me, can cause issues :/ With sensitive skin that's easily prone to breakouts as well, I tend to stray away from products such as moisture creams- they usually do more harm than good for me...or not much of anything at all. There a lot of moisturizers out there on the skincare market today; they can be a bit on the expensive side too- but they are either: void of quality,  packed full of obnoxious and harmful ingredients, or they lack effectiveness.

That just isn't the case though with this Moisture Cream from Silkriller! Not only is the uniquely-designed container cool, but it's practical too. The ball-like shape has a flat bottom to ensure that it will easily sit in place and it screws apart in the center to reveal 2 halves. The bottom portion contains the cream and is covered by an additional lid that contains a small tool to aid in getting out just the right amount of product, without making a mess.

I love the texture of the moisturizer as it's a cross between a light & whipped and a thick & creamy formula; this gives it a nice consistency that allows for the product to easily spread and evenly absorb. There's no annoying smell or icky residue- just fantastic smoothness and moisturization :) Perfect under makeup or alone and for night & day wear, I would highly recommend this moisturizer for any skin type or age. 

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Get Healthy, Moisturized, and Silky-Smooth Skin with Natural Silk Proteins with The Beauty Closet's Fav New Skincare Brand of the Month: Silkriller

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SAA's or Silk amino acids are pulled from raw silk and can often be found in skin & hair care products due to their high hydration retention abilities. They are created by breaking apart silk proteins into smaller peptides and have a composition of up to 80% silk. What may not be as popularly known, is that silk has been used in traditional Chinese & Korean medicine for centuries; it;s taken in the daily diet to relieve mild to moderate stomach discomfort. Silk also has the FDA's approval to be utilized for use in medical/biomedical devices for tissue regeneration & wound healing as well.

As for your skin, silk proteins are high in antioxidant power- making it a slayer of free-radicals :) Silk also prevents premature breakage and damage to hair & nails, by strengthening their actual structure and boosting shine! Want to fight the signs of aging, give back your skin's radiance, and promote smoothness? Silk is the way to go :) If you're looking for some real research and want to know more, check out this article >here<  from Woodhead Publishing.

They published a study on "Silk Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine" and it's very informative on silk's special properties. I recently came across a fab brand, Silkriller- that promotes the awesome power of natural silk proteins and I knew I had to see what they were all about! Luckily, I managed to get my hands on the Revitalization Set [Silver] so make sure to get the lowdown below, on this awesome brand and one of their top sets they offer! :)



~ revitalization set ~




*Being reviewed today: Facial Foam & Lotion

[there 4 total items in this set- be on the lookout for the remaining 2 items to be reviewed tomorrow!]

It takes quite a bit for me to be truly impressed these days, but I would have to say that Silkriller accomplished this easily for me- right from the get-go. The order arrived very well boxed and included a cooling pack to help keep the products at an optimal temperature throughout their journey. Inside of the package it arrived in, the set itself was nicely boxed too, with each individual item also separately boxed; the larger box containing the entire set, was also lined well with matching pink tissue paper.

There's an enclosed guide too that goes through each item in the regimen in detail, advising the best way to apply & how to use. The first product that I'm reviewing today from Silkriller- the facial foam, is a fantastic cleanser that should get high marks for quality! I don't think I've used a cleanser that did such an excellent job at cleansing, hydrating, and leaving skin ultra smooth :)

I love that it's doesn't smell annoying and has a nice creamy texture that doesn't require tons of product in order to get a nice foaming effect. Your skin will look and feel different after just one use with this product = LOVE! This is great for those that have acne-prone or sensitive skin- I have both of these chronic skin conditions and this Facial Foam worked fabulously. 


When it comes to lotions, I'm very picky as many of them tend to cause breakouts for me or they don't really do the job. I had to completely put out of my mind what I thought a facial lotion was however, when I came across this product in the set. It doesn't look like a lotion, BUT it actually works AND it's wonderful to put on your skin. It doesn't leave residue or a greasy feeling behind, yet it leaves your skin smooth, soft, and ultra-hydrated.

The unique bottle is actually made out of glass and has a well-designed "dropper" atop the cap that allows for just the right amount of product to be dispensed. This keeps you from just wasting product and prevents you from making a mess too! It doesn't take much of this lotion to do it's job- 3-5 drops for my entire face and neck areas, as it easily spreads thin and absorbs well into the skin.

It doesn't take forever to let the moisturizer soak into the skin, drying in under a min. :) The smell is light and pleasant as well, making this a great candidate for underneath makeup or all on it's own! I LOVE applying this moisturizer day and night, for ultimate softness and smoothness. I've seen a huge improvement in how hydrated and soft my skin has become since I began using this lotion from Silkriller. I HIGHLY recommend this product for any age or skin type! 

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