The Beauty Closet's Fav Natural Skincare Brand of the Month: BUTTERelixir

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Seeking out natural and organic skincare and beauty products use to be a bit more of a challenge, however these days there are a lot of brands out there on the market specializing in just that! Unfortunately, some of these brands are just doing it from a marketing standpoint just to jump on the latest beauty trend.

Thankfully though, this isn't just a trend in my opinion and this recent trend isn't a fad at all- it's been a mindset for many of us for many years. It may not have become more mainstream until recently; I think this due to many women and men who have come to realize that many brands and products out there just simply aren't good for their skin or bodies :/

I see that as a positive step in the right direction as there have been some great organic and natural beauty and skincare brands that have been born out of the recent surge. I'm always on the hunt for these companies myself, which is why I absolutely jump on the chance to share one that I know is just what they say they stand for: quality natural and/or organic ingredients with curated products that you can be proud to use daily for truly healthier skin.

That's how we get to my FAV Natural Skincare Brand of the Month: BUTTERelixir :)This wonderful skincare company was started by 3 yogis who also happen to be friends as well; they wanted to create products that were composed of natural and pure ingredients that are crafted with refined packaging design. Their products have you in mind and are made with integrity and high-quality ingredients that encourage lasting skin health. Get the lowdown on  3 of their top products below!





[lip; face oil; body & hair oil]


*snag this great set @!

I've become an immediate fan of this brand for several reasons. For starters, they don't pack their products full of yucky ingredients that I try to avoid and they stick with quality and natural ingredients instead :) Their packaging is simple yet attractive and fresh, but it doesn't take away from the products themselves- they are fabulous!

This is a great starter pack that will give you a good idea of what BUTTERelixir is all about. I love that all of their items have the ingredients listed in an obvious place on the bottle/container and you can easily recognize what each item is-there's no guess-work as to what you're putting on your skin :)

BUTTERelixir bar $12 [not included in above set]

BUTTERelixir bar $12 [not included in above set]

My fav product out of this bundle is the lip item which not only has a nice taste, but hydrates your lips well and without leaving behind an unpleasant residue or stickiness. The face oil came in a close second as I found it to be a lovely moisturizer that surprisingly didn't cause me to break out.

There are only 4 ingredients total included in the face oil and that's super rare with really any skincare product out on the market today- even with organic and/or natural items. The body oil is perfect to utilizing when you get out the shower and will leave your skin feeling baby-soft with no oily residue.

With lavender and chamomile, the body+hair oil is great at soothing and calming skin after a long stressful day :) If you've been looking for a great quality, natural skincare brand, BUTTERelixir is the one to go for- you will not be disappointed by what you get from them! They have each of these 3 products available separately as well- check them out here.





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Want to Take Your Favorite Scent With You Wherever You Go? Has an Affordable Solution With Their Perfume Travel Atomizer!

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I love lux fragrances and like most of us, I don't care too much for the pricing that often comes along with them. There's also the issue of not being able to tote the beautiful scent with you since the pretty & ornate bottles they arrive in are not really made for on-the-go needs. No worries though- The Beauty Closet has you covered with the perfect solution: an atomizer!

This unique device has the ability to take on many forms, but it's commonly found in nozzles designed specifically for fragrances. It was actually invented in the 19th century by a doctor who designed the device to utilize when he wanted to effectively spray the back of his patient's throats with medication. They are now used in a variety of applications including perfumes, spray drying installations, paint applications, and even fuel injection systems.

What's really cool about the travel versions made for perfumes, is that they will utilize scents that you already have and allows for you to take them with you wherever you go :) Using an atomizer will prolong the life of your perfume too, as they generally tend to deliver a finer mist that requires less application in order to achieve the desired strength/level of scent. Check out a great review on The Beauty Closet's recommended Perfume Travel Atomizer from below:

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Perfume Travel Atomizer

[.136 oz]


*perfume not included!

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this miniature atomizer was to operate and I was able to get it put to good use within the first day of it arriving :) The bottom of this atomizer has a specially-designed receptacle that allows for most perfume bottle nozzles to fit inside. You can do this with most average-sized nozzles by simply removing the top cap and exposing the spray nozzle's tip- this end will easily fit inside the bottom of the atomizer.

I found that the key was the ensure that your perfume bottle is snugly into place and that there is a decent "seal" between the 2 devices. Once you feel that they have a tight fit, you can begin to use short pumps of your perfume into the atomizer. Since there is a clear section in front, you can also see when the atomizer is filled up. The spray nozzle on the atomizer itself is fabulous and you can get a nice fine and even mist with one spritz.

I really like that this neat little device allows for me to take my fav scent on-the-go and I don't have to use near as much to have good wearability throughout the day :) There's an included cap too so no worries that your nice perfumes will get spilled once they've been put in the atomizer. I would recommend this for any lady and any age- it makes a great gift and at under $10, you can score one for yourself as well!

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