The Beauty Closet's Top 7 Color-saving Hair Tips for Winter:

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This has been an issue for women since the dawn of hair least when it comes to prolonging your hair color!  Things have gotten better over the years with huge improvements in the quality and type of dyes utilized- as well as the methods in which we use to color our hair. But it still seems we struggle with keeping the beautiful color we achieved in the first place :/

As a working woman with a lot on my plate, I don't always have the time or the extra cash to throw around. Additionally, this  means that my hair can suffer....but it doesn't mean that I can't beat this pesky issue before it even starts! Check out The Beauty Closet's Top 7 tips for saving your hair color below :)


  1. One of the most important factors in saving your color is actually what you start with! Without a good quality dye, it really won't matter very much what you utilize following your coloring session- skip the cheap dyes and at-home color if possible! 
  2. Skip color brands and color-extending brand items containing: 4-ABP, Lead acetate, Ammonia, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sulfates & Resorcinol. Go for European and Japanese brands as these countries have banned many of the toxic ingredients I mentioned. The FDA doesn't regulate hair dyes & colors either, which is another reason to avoid the more inexpensive brands that only contain harmful chemicals that do more harm than good.
  3. There are colors you may want to think twice about going for if you would like to keep your hair color longer: reds and purples top the list- these have larger molecules that don't penetrate as deeply into the hair and they fade quickly as a result. :/
  4. When you do get your hair color-treated or highlights, try to wait to shampoo/wash your hair for at least 2 days- this gives your color enough time to set and prevents over-drying and breakage. 
  5. Use low-temp water when you wash your hair AND go for heat-protecting, color-extending products too that can be applied to help prevent damage to your hair and further color fading. 
  6. Boost your hair and scalp's health with Vitamin C & B, biotion, and protein by consuming a daily supplement and/or egg-whites, soy, nuts, grains, and fresh fruits & veggies. This will aid in improving hair texture, strength, & growth stimulation; it will also ensure that your color will deeply penetrate & last longer :)
  7. Choose a good quality hair care & color-extending system. One that I'm loving right now: ColorProof Super Plump Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner + Texture Charge Texture+Finishing Spray [color protect color & volumizing collections] Check out more about these awesome products below!]






Volumizing Shampoo


This awesome shampoo not only smells fantastic and is void of sulftates, salt, & gluten- plus 100% vegan! I was really impressed with how well my hair felt cleansed, yet not dried-out. What I absolutely LOVE is Color Proof's hair care products specialized to protect and prolong your color, while eliminating the need for harmful ingredients :) I would recommend this product and it's counter-part reviewed below for anyone wanting to protect their color-treated hair or are just looking for a great hair care system curated with clean, 100% Vegan ingredients. 




Volumizing Conditioner


This product is a fantastic addition to the above mentioned shampoo to create the perfect duo of color-protection. I definitely noticed how well moisturized my hair felt without the product leaving behind yucky residue. You will really see an improvement in preserving your color if you use these 2 products in combination :)




Texture Charge

Color Protect

Texture & Finishing Spray


*you can snag these 3 products as a set for only $74

This is my FAV product out of the entire set. It has a light scent and works well at texturing your hair- you can get a variety of styles and looks with this product too. It will protect your color and is great as a finishing spray to complete you look in a snap! Texture Charge is 100% Vegan and sulfate-free as well. I would highly recommend this product for most hair types, even if you don't have color-treated hair- this is a great pick!

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