The Beauty Closet's Top Beauty Tool of The Year from: Silk'n Blue Acne Solutions

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 When it comes to beauty tech and tools, I always have my eyes peeled for the newest gadget :) There's an article published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information [NCBI] in 2004 that talks about a study for acne treatments & the usage of pulsed light and heat energy {LHE}. The research concluded that it was found to be a highly effective and safe treatment for acne.

Those with mild and moderate acne are the best candidates for this type of process, but it's something that works well for most skin types and ages :) NCBI also has another great article published in 2008 that is composed of a study on the promising therapies for beauty, with a focus on Blue Light Systems. The first of their kind was approved for FDA use for the treatment of inflammatory acne and destroys P. acnes bacteria. This unique blue light therapy not only destroys the bacteria that often causes acne, but it causes the oil glands to shrink and the skin to produce less oil.

Another awesome factor in regards to this specific treatment, is that it's even effective against severe & cystic acne too :) For many years, this therapy was only available in a professional's office- but now you can snag this awesome technology for yourself and complete the process in the comfort of your own home! Want to know more?! Check out The Beauty Closet's Top Beauty Tool of the year below, from Silk'n. 



Acne Treatment Device


Although this awesome & effective acne treatment is an FDA approved method for getting clear skin, I do admit I was a bit skeptical on how effective it really was. Not because the science isn't proven- as you can see from what I mentioned above, but due in part to my beauty background. I've tried quite a few devices out there and sometimes they don't meet up to their claims, but I didn't find that to be the case with the Blue device from Silk'n :) This fab tool lives up to its name- I saw results after just the first usage. I am on my second week of treatment and I've seen a great improvement in breakouts, acne, & blackheads.

What makes this device so wonderful is that it doesn't use harmful ingredients or chemicals to do the trick- just blue light energy and heat! I would suggest that it be used only for the recommended time for each area as the instructions advise: up to 4 minutes for 1 spot and up to 10 minutes for an entire area such as your cheeks. 

Blue is designed to be utilized as a twice-a-week treatment, over the course of 4 weeks/total of 8 treatments. For just a few minutes a week, you can improve acne issues- without harming your skin ;) It should be noted that there are a few risks associated with this method: there can be a possibility of burns or pigmentation changes, although these results are rare and also can occur with incorrect usage [i.e. leaving the unit in 1 area too long!].

I didn't experience negative results and I do have super sensitive skin- my skin did get slightly red in the areas that I treated, but this only lasted a few minutes at most. This is also something that's mentioned in the provided instructions, under the precautions section. As for drawbacks- there were a couple that stood out for me, although they are things that I am willing to overlook due to the tool's effectiveness. Firstly, the pricing might be a bit more than some might want to plunk down. I could understand this myself, but with an exclusive warranty offered on Blue if you purchase directly from this tool will earn its keep ;)

The warranty given through Silk'n is a full 2-year coverage [beyond the standard 1-year manufacturer's warranty]- plus, you get a 30 day money back guarantee as well. As a little something extra, Silk'n throws in a FREE gift pack with EVERY order that includes: samples of Body Lotion, Matte Oil Control, Serum, and Eye Cream!

There is a slight noise with the unit- I would say the intermittent automatic cooling fan is the cause of this, but it's  not overly loud and could be completed in a closed room without disturbing the remainder of the household. The good thing about the fan, is that it automatically comes on and aids in reducing the built-up heat between your skin and the unit.

When it comes to design, it's fairly easy to hold and isn't heavy- so you won't feel like your arm is going to fall off ;) There is an easy-to-read indicator display that shows when the unit is in stand-by mode and when it's been turned on [turns green after you push the power button]. It's recommended by the manufacturer, to allow for the tool to "warm up" for at least 30 minutes before usage. I chose to go this route as well, since it ensures that you are going to get the best results with each usage.

Blue is not cordless- this might be a slight downside as you must have an electrical outlet/electricity nearby, in order to use the tool. However, on the plus side, you won't have to worry about charging Blue or about purchasing batteries. Overall, I've been very pleased with the results thus far and I would recommend this fantastic skincare tech tool for any age or skin type. The positives greatly outweigh the disadvantages and make this tool my newest go-to combatant against acne :)


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The Beauty Closet's Fav New Hair Styles for 2016 + Bonus Recommended Hair Styling Products from Schwarzkopf: styliste ULTIME

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I always scout out the new hair and beauty trends following the new year and although I may not always be a fan of some, I do try and give the concept my best shot ;) It's not easy sometimes to get these looks the way you might see online or in a magazine for example, but you also might be surprised how some of these hair trends are easier to achieve than they appear. Today I thought I would share some of my fav new hair trends of 2016- let me know what you think! Plus- as an added bonus, make sure to check out The Beauty Closet's recommended hair styling products of the week below from Scwarzkopf. You can utilize both of these awesome products reviewed today, to get my fav looks as well :)


.1 Easy Low-Pony:

This is a cinch to accomplish and you can don this look if you're pressed for little time. Utilize a transparent polishing pomade and pull back your hair loosely into a mid-to-upper neck ponytail. Instead of finishing the ponytail and pulling all of your hair through, leave a couple of sections partially through the elastic around the nape of your neck.

You can also tuck all of the ends back under the partial pony for a sleeker look or knot the ends to create a more unique twist [ie. furthest pic on the left]. Finish with a bit more pomade if needed. Looking for a great product to help you get this look? Give Schwarzkopf's sylisteULTIME transparent polishing pomade a try :) Get more info about this item below!


2. Sleek Pony with Metallic Accents:

This style is still majorly "in" and I'm actually a huge fan of this one. Not only because it's beyond easy to achieve, but it's a sleek and classic look that works for most hair types and cuts. The only drawback for this one as similar to the look first mentioned before, these styles will be limited to mid/medium to longer length styles and not easy or perhaps possible for those with shorter hair cuts.

You can get this beautiful classic hair look by parting your hair down the middle after applying a heat-protecting balm or serum and running a flat iron through your hair a couple of times. Pull the hair back at the very top of your neck after parting, and use a simple metallic accessory to secure. Use your iron and go through the pony a few more times and then follow with a polishing pomade as well. Viola! :)

3. Pulled back Sleek & Wet Look:

No time or just not having the greatest hair day in general?! This is THE easy, simple way to go. You can get this look by either styling when wet or dry, but I've found this to be much easier to achieve when it's still wet. I also go a bit heavy on the creamier products and start out with a gel, but make sure to apply only on the upper top-half of you head- not going past your ears. I then allow the hair to dry a bit and apply a mousse to the same upper-section of my hair/head and let this dry again. Once the products have dried, you can go through the lower half of your hair with a flat iron or heating element to smooth and straighten it out. 

4. Voluminous Bouffant:

These have come back in a big way! This is one of those hair styles that looks more difficult to do on your own than it really is :) Start out with putting your hair in 3 different sections: your bangs area, the largest lower back section, and the middle section [make a line starting on one side by your ear and go across to the other ear to create this middle part]. Take your middle section and comb down the hair, moving towards the scalp/teasing this section until you get the desired mega-volume.

Connect the middle and bottom sections and then pull the front section over the 2 lower-combined parts. The other method you can use to get this look is to create a french twist: after parting your hair in the middle- take your hair, sweeping it back and slightly off to the side. You can use a bobby pin vertically [going from the bottom] on the sleeked-over side to help keep the hair in place.

Gather up your hair in one hand while twisting & pulling up. At this point, you may place more bobby pins along the twist- focusing on the base and placing them vertically as you did the first pin. Take the ends and tuck them in or leave out a couple of small strands/pieces to accent each side as pictured above. Need a product to get the extra boost of volume this style requires?! Try Schwarzkopf's stylisteULTIME Biotin+Volume & Texture magic volume powder. Make sure to get the lowdown on this item below :)





BIOTIN+Volume & Texture magic volume powder



When it comes to hair care, Schwarzkopf is one of my fav brands! They really know quality and I've always felt that they have set themselves apart from others because of it. You don't have to break the bank either to get quality salon hair products ;) This unique texturing and volumizing powder is super easy to use and practically fool-proof. The well-designed and easy to use application method lets you get out just the right amount of powder by lightly sprinkling in the scalp/root area of your hair.

I like flipping my head over once I apply the product and shaking it a bit and then teasing a little underneath as well. You will get instant volume with this product- it really does work :) There's a nice pleasant and easy scent and it feels cool when first applied, leaving your scalp feeling refreshed too. If you need a boost or touch-up, this is the perfect companion to take with you on-the-go. I would recommend this one for most hair types- trust me on this one will LOVE this product!



transparent polishing pomade



I'm majorly picky with hair care products- especially when it comes to polishing pomades for example. Why? Many similar items out on the market today are either made with poor quality, disregard for unhealthy ingredients, or are a tad bit on the costly side. You might have experienced this issue yourself and sometimes felt that it was time to just throw in the towel when it came to finding an affordable, quality hair care product. But there are still some great ones out there- Schwarzkopf will restore your hopes again that quality still exists, with this awesome polishing pomade!

I absolutely LOVE the smell and great smoothing, sleek effect that you can achieve with this product. There's a unique pinkish-luminous sheen to the polish that makes it look really pretty inside the container, but it goes on absolutely clear :) This is perfect for getting the sleek back pony styles I shared above or just to take flyaways or finish a flat-ironed style too. At just around $7, you can achieve a trendy salon look at an affordable prize = win-win :)


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