The Beauty Closet's 5 Simple Tips for Spring-ready Hair + Bonus Recommended Product & Review from: éprouvage

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  1. Start with a fresh cut! Your hair has been battled by Winter weather for the past few months and needs to be trimmed in the very least. This will rid hair of split ends and stimulate growth. Having your hair cut shorter will also aid in keeping you cooler during the warmer season :)
  2. Protect your hair and scalp from the damaging effects of the sun by swapping your daily hair care products for those containing UV protection, like a heat-styling aid or conditioner. Not only will this keep your from damaging your hair, but it will prevent highlights from fading and dryness from occurring.
  3. Avoid the pool or chlorinated water if possible! Water-treatment chemicals tend to dry out your scalp and hair, in addition to creating a chlorine build-up that causes damage and dullness :/ If you do need to hit the pool, use a clarifying shampoo & conditioner; rinse your hair with water immediately following your hair being exposed to chlorine/water-treatment chemicals, if  you don't have the ability to actually wash your hair.
  4. A once-a-week deep conditioning treatment or masque aids in locking in moisture for your scalp and hair, while also keeping your hair looking & feeling healthy and strong. Heat, sun, and water exposure can be trying to your scalp/hair and using a treatment at least one time a week will keep it strong and frizz at bay :)
  5. Drop the creamy, thick formulated hair care products and go for "lighter" products that won't weigh hair down. Try products that are oil-free and look for items that encourage "beach waves" or texturizing. Looking for some great hair care products to get your hair Spring-ready? Check out The Beauty Closet's recommended products from Eprouvage below!





$15-16 EA.

I'm quite a fan of Eprouvage hair care products and I've snagged a few at this point, so I was fairly certain I was going to love these as well. I was definitely correct on my assumption...I love them :) This is probably my favorite duo that I've tried from Eprouvage yet! It leaves my hair feeling soft, strong, and looking super healthy! It smells great, with a light and pleasant scent that doesn't annoy.

The conditioner comes with a pump-action nozzle so you can easily get out the right amount of product without making a huge mess- or wasting it! At $15 a piece [$1 more for the conditioner @$16], you aren't going to break the bank at an 8.45 oz bottle size. If you've been looking for a great fortifying hair care duo that doesn't cost a fortune and isn't chalked full of parabens, sulfates, & glutens too :) I recommend both of these products for most hair types!

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March is Here...and So is The Beauty Closet's Monthly Maven Un-Boxing! Get the Lowdown on Julep's March 2016 Maven Box Here:

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It seems that time is really flying at the moment- perhaps it's my impending graduation in May or it might be that Springtime often suddenly appears before I realize it...whatever the cause, I'm glad that it's here :) I love donning new outfits, colors, and makeup palettes that remind me of the warmer season. My monthly Maven Box from Julep plays a role in this too- they usually put out some fantastic new items and colors around this time of year, that make it super easy to be right on trend [without spending tons of cash!].


My fiance picked up another gift subscription for me again since my last one ran out in February, but I decided that the 6-month option was a tad bit too much this time around. I pricing does seem to have gone up a bit on the gift subs and the 4 month now costs around $80 [before taxes]. If you want to go for the 6-month choice, then you're looking at around $119 before taxes.

There are a couple of positives to snagging a gift sub: for starters, these work for both current Mavens AND those new to the program all together. With a gift sub [any of the options of 2, 4, or 6 boxes] you also give free shipping and 20% off at You also get to customize your monthly selections for you Maven Box each time the 20th comes around- or you can let Julep surprise you with their picks that are based off of a short "beauty quiz" that you take when signing up.

As for extras or what Julep calls "add-ons" to your monthly box, those DO cost extra OR they can be purchased with Jules points/rewards. These points do still accrue with gift subs which means that every month you choose to use a box in your subscription, you will get 350 Jules [get 2,000 to snag 1 free Maven box!]. If you do get the 6 month sub., you will actually get an extra box out of the deal as you will accumulate enough Jules for another Maven Box if you so choose.

You can however use these points to snatch up "add-ons" for your monthly box and then you don't have to spend a dime on anything ;) It should be noted: if you manage to have a Maven Anniversary or your birthday while on your gift subscription, you get an extra 200-500 Jules :) Julep really doesn't skimp out on their rewards program, even if you are using a sub that's been gifted and I don't really come across a decent rewards program like that! I decided that I would share my March 2016 Maven Box as soon as it arrived- especially since I had a new gift sub ;) Get the lowdown on my Spring picks below!

Zodiac Collection Pisces




  1. NAIL POLISH: "Charlene" -hint of Lavender chrome
  2. NAIL POLISH: "Yiyi" -Pink freesia holographic jelly
  3. EYE PENCIL: When Pencil Met Gel- "Electric Teal Shimmer"
  4. *Bonus: Strawberry Hard Candy
  5. *Bonus: $15 OFF [your next purchase of $30+] >this can't be used on deals, Secret Store, monthly Maven boxes, Mystery Boxes,etc. > basically only for regular purchases @ their site. You DO however still get your 20% Maven discount on top of this coupon :)

The option that I chose, is normally priced at $24.99 + tax and with free shipping- but since I was using my gift sub, this one didn't cost a thing ;) I decided to hold back on any add-ons for the month and instead keep storing up my Jules so that I can get an extra Maven box out of my subscription. I already had 700 points saved up before I snagged a 4-month sub and you need 2,000 points in order to get a FREE Maven box, so I've decided to hold on to them. This is actually more difficult than it sounds as there's usually something extra that I'm wanting to add [lol!]

My picks for this month were pretty good choices. The 2 nail polishes turned out to be absolutely beautiful and are both new colors to the Julep line-up and came from their Limited Edition The March Collection. These each normally cost $14 a piece and the eye pencil also costs $16- that makes this monthly Maven Box around a $15 savings :) That's not huge of course, but it can add over time and equals more cash for beauty stuff! I'm not always a fan of my color picks, but this month I loved all of them.

The Charlene shade is a beautiful concoction of a light lavender shade mixed with a silver chrome finish that's sure to please most anyone. This shade isn't over-the-top, but it does have an alluring metallic appeal that's right on with the seasons nail trends :) As for the Yiyi nail polish, I really like Julep's twist on this freesia shade- it's a combination of a fine holographic glitter and a jelly-glaze finish that gives it a unique look. You can layer this one on to other shades for a cool look that's all your own or bare this polish all on it's own.

I'm not a huge fan of gel-like eye pencils, as they don't always have the same staying power that other pencils do, but Julep's long-lasting gel eye liners do! They "set" in about 30 seconds, which does allow for you to blend and/or smudge before it's locked into place. It really does last all day long, but it will easily come off with a decent eye make-up remover. I went with 1 of the newest shades available- Electric Teal Shimmer and it turned out to be a wonderfully beautiful color. It's a shiny teal that really makes your eyes pop and I love the way it looks with my blue eyes :) You'll get a well-pigmented and intense color out of this one! These pencils from Julep are self-sharpening too, making them the perfect on-the-go option.

When it comes to candy, I'm particularly not fond of hard candy and this was something that I knew my kiddo would enjoy more that myself. Although he ended up with the candy, I kept the other little treat- the $15 off a purchase. This is actually not a bad coupon and I will end up using it in the near future since it expires in April. I suppose I'm just going to keep a watchful eye on Julep's site and snag a favorite item ;) All in all, I would say I was quite pleased with all of my picks for my March 2016 Maven Box and I will be enjoying my Spring shades in the upcoming weeks!

Free Eyeshadow Palette when you join Julep Beauty
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