Looking for a New Summer Scent? The Beauty Closet Recommends: LURK PRM 016 Perfume Oil

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Ever heard of Oud? This is the high-priced fragrant resin that comes from the wood of the Agar [Aquilaria] tree and is native to India. This unique woodsy scent is also known as Agarwood, oodh, or just Agar. What's unusual about this fragrance, is that it's formed when the wood of the Agar tree is invaded by a  specific type of mold and produces an aromatic dark resin to respond to the "attack" on the tree.

This heartwood is deeply injected with resin as a result and is highly valued in numerous cultures- utilized as a perfume, medicinal purposes, and incense. The main reason that this particular scent is so valued, is that the tree has been listed as a potentially threatened species [by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora] since 1995.

In fact, this wood is so pricey that at a first-grade level it's one of the most expensive raw materials in the world :0 An example of this high price can be found here in the U.S at more than $7,000 per kg. for Agarwood oil!  The raw materials can fetch more than $30,000 here in the U.S. and that's for the top-quality wood :0 The best way to describe this fragrance is that's it's a mix of "sweet-balsamic", "soft & fruity-floral", and "oriental-woody" notes.

As for the incense, it's often described as having vanilla, musk, and ambergris notes. Agarwood oil has a fairly long past as well, with it being used in the 3rd century AD in ancient China as an essential oil. Japan used the wood of the Agar tree for recording down history, during the 6th century AD. In the 8th century, Agarwood was recorded as being used for medicinal purposes in Ayurvedic medicinal texts. What may not be commonly known, is that Agarwood has yet to be artificially re-created and that means that it's only derived from natural sources




PRM 016



I fell in LOVE with this scent immediately :) It's a tad on the pricier side at such a tiny bottle, but this fragrance oil is super concentrated and doesn't take much. It will last all day and it can be purchased as a sample for only $3 to see if it's something that you would actually like.

The pricing is also due to the nature of the Oudh essential oil, which gives this blend a bit higher of a price point than some of LURK's perfume oils. I really like the simple design of the glass bottle and there's a dropper-like top inside that allows for just the right amount of scent to be dispensed.

A nice woodsy and floral undertone with Myrrh notes, make this a wonderfully light and pleasant scent that lasts throughout the day. My fav spots to dab a couple of drops, are my wrists and nape of my neck :) I would definitely recommend this scent for almost anyone and can even see this being a unisex scent!


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Looking For a Fun New Scent For Spring? The Beauty Closet Recommends the Unisex Scent from Ariana Grande: Frankie Limited Edition Fragrance

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I've become quite a fan of unisex scents over the years as I felt that I didn't always necessarily love the perfumes that were specifically designed for women. Don't get me wrong- I love being a woman and I do enjoy a nice floral-like scent from time-to-time, however I'm not sure that brands always get their attempts at a great scent....right :/

Sometimes they just over-do it and I feel like the perfume that you might even spend a bit of cash on, can end up smelling cheap. As the day wears on, the fragrance can change and depending on each person and their body chemistry- the scent will smell different on ea. individual too.

What's great about a unisex scent that's designed for "all", it's meant to smell wonderful on almost anyone :) They often contain energetic notes like: Sandalwood, Sugar, Cedarwood, and different types of musks. There's a scent out right now from Ariana Grande- Frankie and it's the perfect unisex fragrance! Find out more about this awesome scent below!





Ariana grande

limited edition:

unisex fragrance



Top Notes: Pink pepper, Apricot, Pear

Heart Notes: Wild Orchid, Cedarwood

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Musk, Sugar Crystals


When it comes to any scent, I'm a little bit on the picky side! I had a good feeling about this one from the start though and it started with the bottle for me :) It's super cute and unique- it really stands out with a silver reflective, spiky ball [reminds me of a miniature disco ball!] and a black soft puffy clip-on charm, that can be removed [throw it on a purse for an added touch of fun!]

The overall weight & design of the bottle is well-crafted too; although it's beautiful- you won't feel like it's so delicate that you are going to break it by the slightest jostle ;) To spritz on the fragrance, you can easily remove the silver metal cap to reveal a spray nozzle; there's a good fine mist and the scent probably won't take more than 1-2 applications at the most.

I found this fragrance to have decent lasting power, while not overdoing it = LOVE. It's moderately-priced as well, making it a great option for yourself or that special someone in your life...without breaking the bank :) It got a resounding "yes" my fiance and he's not always a fan of new fragrances either. I would recommend this one to anyone! 

Wild Orchid

Wild Orchid

Zodiac Collection Pisces

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