Get Ready for Spring With The Beauty Closet's 7 Simple Self-Tanner Tips + Recommended Product From Australian Gold: Instant Bronze Self Tanning Lotion

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As someone that has super fair skin, I've tried to avoid long periods of sun-exposure from a young age. Once I got older, I thought that trying a tanning bed would be a good option. Thankfully, I started to do some research on the damage that could result due to continual tanning bed usage...and I didn't like what it was doing to my skin either :/

I made the choice from that point forward that I would stick with safer alternatives that didn't pose the risk of skin cancer and the signs of aging. I'm so glad that I made that decision as I have seen over the past few years, some very sad stories of young women who ended up having long-term effects from the constant usage of tanning beds- sometimes even losing their lives. I'd rather be "pale" than have skin cancer- even the risk of it sounds beyond unappealing!

Fortunately though, I'm not stuck- there ARE decent options out there that will still allow you to have that beautiful sun-kissed glow and still look fabulous for the upcoming season :) Make sure to check out The Beauty Closet's 7 simple self-tanner tips below and the recommended product from Australian Gold too!


  1. Start with prepping your skin properly! Avoid a long-hot shower if possible, as these tend to dry out your skin and NOT hydrate. Use an exfoliating and moisturizing body soap to help soften and smooth skin.
  2. Exfoliate! This is KEY to getting great results with a self-tanner. Try using a body scrub on rougher areas like the knees, ankles, and elbows & use an exfoliator over the entire area that the product will be applied.
  3. Don't forget to moisturize and utilize a lotion that is oil-free if you can. I've found that moisturizers containing oil & hydrating oils don't make for a great "canvas" for the self-tanner to evenly penetrate your skin.
  4. When it comes to self-tanner, less = more! Start with 1 even & light layer and go easy on areas such as your knees, wrists, elbows, & ankles. Once 24 hours have passed and you've had the opportunity to shower since application, you can get a more accurate picture of the end results/shade/color and then adjust accordingly by applying another layer.
  5. Remember your hands! It's easy to forget this, but hands can become easily stained with self-tanner application. You can avoid this by using a glove or application mitt that's designed specifically for putting on self-tanning products. The alternative is to use your hands and apply a cream or lotion that's made for applying self-tanner and will keep the product from absorbing into your hand. 
  6. Want to avoid streaking? Stick with a product that's thicker/creamier and is lightly tinted so that you can see where the product has been applied; this will allow for you to apply evenly and with no streaks :) If you do manage to make a mistake and it's too late- which it usually is almost as soon as you apply the product, you can use a freshly cut lemon and rub onto the area for up to 2 minutes.
  7. Don't want self-tanner to rub off on your clothes or sheets? Ensure that the product is properly dry, even taking a bit longer than the instructions suggest. Take a good shower after 24 hrs of application and lightly dust on baby or talcum powder on your skin before going to bed or putting on clothing. 


Australian Gold

Self Tanning Lotion


I've tried many self-tanning products out there and this is one I always end up coming back to. One of the biggest reasons is for its affordability and the great scent. There are times when these types of products can have an odd or unpleasant smell, yet this product is actually pleasant to put on. It absorbs well into the skin and gives me a natural-looking tan that isn't overdoing it or leaving me "orange"!

I've used much more expensive products and gotten results that weren't near as nice as with this Self Tanning Lotion from Australian Gold. It won't cause your skin to break out and doesn't leave it feeling greasy. Overall, this is a well-rounded and inexpensive self-tanning option that I would recommend for most skin types and ALL ages :)



I like the color of this tanner. The “tan” lasts a lot longer than other tanners so you don’t have to apply it as often.
— Reviewer *Jan
Gives a nice gradual color in a few days. Nice odor.
— Reviewer *Ginny87
I would use this lotion if it wasn’t a self tanner because it is super moisturizing and smells magnificent! Love Love Love. Use it every other day. Plus it’s oil free so you can use it on your face. I have a subscription and just keep ‘em coming.
— Verified Purchaser at *Julia Chelle
Love love love it... i dont just recomend it, i buy it and give it to people!
— Reviewer *Ck the Sun Lover
I have used many different sunless tanners and they all leave a nasty smell on your skin while you are using them and after you rinse them off. But this one smells awesome. It has a very perfumey smell, not offensive at all. I love this stuff and would highly recommend it to anyone that cannot stand the usual smell of sunless tanners.
— Verified Purchaser at *Jane A.

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Use These Simple Hair Diffuser Tips from The Beauty Closet + Recommended Product from BedHead: Curlipops Tourmaline Ionic Diffuser Dryer

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This unique hair tool has only been around for about 3 decades- one of the first U.S. patents for a hair-dryer diffuser attachment for "spreading and reducing the speed of air flow from the dryer nozzle, trap hot air and the dryer cuts off due to overheating". The hair diffuser is the perfect solution for creating gorgeous curls that are soft, frizz-free, and defined. It's also great for giving your hair a nice "wave" or to amp up naturally curly hair :) One of the secrets to this awesome tool is that it's unique design allows for a reduction in air temperature that's hitting your hair directly, over a larger area. Don't forget to check out The Beauty Closet's simple tips for diffuser usage, plus- get the lowdown on Bed Head's Curlipops Ionic Diffuser below :)


  1. Start with a good styling product- like a frizz reduction cream, mousse, or serum and focus on the ends of your hair! Leave-in conditioners however, can be left out of the equation for those with wavy hair as they tend to weigh your hair down :(
  2. Make sure that you let your hair dry at least 50%, up to 80%; this will reduce frizz and help define curls. 
  3. Try flipping your head over and diffusing sections of your hair, while you are upside down :0 This will give some added volume and allow for you to reach difficult layers/areas with the diffuser.
  4. Put hair into small sections, using clips and then scrunch the section up while placing it into the tool. 
  5. Avoid utilizing a pick, comb, or brush or you will end up with a "mess" and frizz :/ Go for using your fingers to separate curls and at the roots to shake your hair and loosen curls!





Tourmaline Ionic Diffuser Dryer


This awesome diffuser dryer from BedHead is not only affordable and effective, but stylish too! The unique design and colors give it an extra dose of  fun that's easy to appreciate. With over 1875 Watts, Tourmaline Ionic Technology, 3 heat levels, and 2 speed options- this inexpensive hair tool makes diffusing a cinch ;)

It doesn't weigh a ton and has a long enough cord to allow for you to get to hard-to-reach-areas. What's great about this model in particular, is that it gets hot enough and utilizes Tourmaline tech in order to achieve lushes locks...without frizz!  The Pink Finger Diffuser piece is removable too and that means you can reduce airflow and change up your styling if you so choose! 

The cool shot feature gives you the added benefit of locking in your curls and giving hair ultimate shine & smoothness. I would recommend this diffuser for most hair types- it won't break the bank, works like it should, and has a cute design that gives a fun twist :) You will LOVE this one!

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