Why Moroccan Lava Clay can be Your Skin's Best Cleansing Friend + Bonus Recommended Product From Pur: Joystick Exfoliating Deep Cleanser

by Christina

Moroccan Clay Chips

Moroccan Clay Chips

Mineral Clay = Deep Cleansing Power!

Rhassoul or ghassoul [Moroccan Lava Clay] is actually a natural mineral clay that is mined from areas like the Atlas Mountains in North Africa and has been done since the 8th century :0 It normally contains amounts of iron, magnesium, sodium, silica, potassium, & lithium. The clay forms a dry, cake-like river of mud that is then collected in its chip form. In its chip form, the clay is at its most active state; in it's powdered form, it has been micronized after being heated and this does cause it to lose some of its potency. Not only does this clay cleanse the skin, but it achieves this by deeply penetrating pores and washing away dirt, impurities, & excess oil. It can also improve breakouts & acne-prone skin, while banishing unwanted oil that tends to be over-secreted- especially during the challenging winter months! Your skin will be left cleansed, softer, brighter, and smoother too :) 

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Exfoliating Deep Pore Cleanser


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If you've been looking for a decently-priced gentle exfoliator that you can use several times a week- without over-drying or stressing out your skin or costing an arm-and-a-leg? This is the way to go! ;) Pur's Joystick has no annoying scent and contains Moroccan Lava Clay & charcoal to help draw out dirt & impurities gently and effectively! Jojoba seed extract & Lavender flower water help soothe & moisturize skin too. I love using this 2-3 x's weekly for smooth & luminous skin, without causing irritation. The nicely-designed twist-up stick is also easy to use and looks fab just laying around [it's also boxed when it arrives], with a metallic-looking twist-on lid and Pur's logo imprinted on top :) I've also had cleaner skin with less breakouts since I've started using the Joystick = totally fallen in love with this one = highly recommended!!! 

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