Use These 10 Natural Ingredients to Stop Dark Under-Eye Circles, Fine Lines, & Puffiness in Their Tracks + Recommended Product from Burt's Bees: Renewal Smoothing Eye Cream

by Christina

Top 10 Natural Ingredients to Banish Dark Circles:


These little tree nuts are fantastic as a healthy snack and they also happen to offer up a few other benefits as well! Almond oil is great at reducing the signs of aging and under-eye dark circles: apply a couple of drops underneath the eyes at least 3 times a week and at night, before you go to bed. You will definitely see a major improvement :)


This commonly-known sour fruit has a lot to offer in the world of beauty and banishing dark under-eye circles is just one of them! The high content of Vitamin C & citric acid helps lighten the area in a pinch :) If you want to take the DIY approach: take a few drops of fresh lemon juice [you can dilute this a bit w/a couple drops of water if you like] on a cotton ball or cotton pad & apply under the eyes. Rinse off after 5-10 minutes and gently pat dry. Follow each treatment with some organic Aloe in the treated area.


Roses are not only beautiful, but they also have some great skin benefits! Rose water is an easy way to gain these benefits from this gorgeous flower; this flavored water is made from steeped rose petals in water.  Apply this every morning and night underneath and around the eyes for up to a month and you will see a marked improvement with under-eye circles, puffiness, and smoothness. 


As a personal favorite snack, this creeping vine from the gourd family is also a wonderful natural dark circle warrior as well! It fights the signs of aging, calms & soothes the eyes, and reduces dark under-eye circles too. Want to do this on your own, for an at-home & affordable salon treatment?

Try this: thinly slice up a freshly washed cucumber [cool water] and then chills the slices for 15-30 minutes in your fridge. Take our the slices and place them on top of your closed eyes for about 15 minutes. Remove them and rinse with cool water. Use this treatment twice weekly for a relaxing way to diminish puffiness, under-eye circles, and stressed eyes. 

   5. WHITE TEA: 

Packed full of antioxidants & caffeine, White Tea can keep those pesky under-eye dark circles at bay by shrinking the blood vessels that are underneath the skin- in addition to fluid retention. Go for this easy treatment and spend little cash to do it = win-win! First: take 2 already-steeped white tea bags and chill them in your fridge for up to an hour. Immediately after removal from your fridge, place each tea bag over your eyes and leave on for up to 15 minutes. I recommend a 3 week treatment period, up to twice weekly. 


A spice from the ginger family, you might think of this as more useful for cooking rather than in regards to a beauty application. However, it does have more to offer! With a high content of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric can aid in minimizing dark circles as well as smoothing the under-eye area :)

For a DIY solution: mix a teaspoon of turmeric with a few drops of avocado oil and then gently apply the mixture by patting a small amount on each under-eye area. Rinse off after 5-10 minutes [you can also use a makeup brush to apply the mixture].

I will advise to try applying a bit of this to another area of the skin and leaving on for a few minutes to ensure that you don't have any adverse reactions as turmeric can cause this-especially if you have sensitive skin!


As a tasty snack that you might see more often on a pizza or in a salad than you would in use for a beauty capacity, Olives do give skincare & beauty benefits that can't be ignored. The fat obtained from the Olive- Olive oil, is produced through means of pressing whole Olives; the first recorded method of this oil extraction can be found as far back as the 13th century BC. Apply a few drops nightly, underneath each eye and then gently massage into the under-eye area. You will notice that your dark circles will be reduced and the delicate under-eye area will be moisturized and soft too!


Yup! You may think more about spaghetti than banishing under-eye dark circles when you see tomatoes, but this fruit definitely can help when it comes to dark circles! Why? Tomatoes contain moderate amounts of Vitamin C and they also have a high water content, which can both aid in improving under-eye issues, including: dark circles, puffiness, and smoothness.

Apply as a paste with some organic tomato sauce or take some tomato juice and apply to the under-eye area for 5-10 minutes; rinse with cool water. Try using this treatment nightly, 3 times a week- for up to 1 month. You will see a decent improvement with a couple of applications :)


These yummy edible tubers make great additions to a healthy, fit meal or snack and they also can be wonderful aids in reducing dark circles underneath the eyes. Potatoes have moderate amounts of Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and starches. This natural staple food is packed full of water as well, making it a great candidate for retaining skin moisture too :) Want to curate an at-home treatment that's easy to accomplish? Thinly slice up a chilled potato [put in your fridge for up to 30 minutes prior- or you can place the finished slices in the fridge after they're sliced] and place over your eyes for 15 minutes; then remove and rinse with cool water. 


Tiny delicate flowers native to South Asia, Night-flowering Jasmine are super fragrant and popularly used in perfumes. Nicknamed the "tree of sorrow" due to the plant losing its brightness during the day, there is another side to this unique flower: it's excellent at diminishing under-eye circles! The flowers contain antioxidants and with anti-inflammatory properties, the Night-flowering Jasmine is a pretty natural alternative to improving under-eye circles :)  Crush a few petals to make a paste and mix with a few drops of Olive oil; then apply the mixture and leave it on for up to 5-10 minutes. Utilize this method up to twice weekly.

The Beauty Closet Recommends: 

Burt's Bees Renewal Smoothing Eye Cream $19.99*

* pricing!

I often seek out affordable organic and natural skincare items, which is why I'm a Burt's Bees fan. Their products are curated with safe, natural ingredients and they're fairly inexpensive. When I came across their eye cream, I knew I had to see what it was all about :)

Now let me start out by saying that I'm very particular when it comes to eye products in general- mostly due to my skin being super sensitive. I easily break out and can have adverse reactions to some products, even when they take the natural or organic approach. Thankfully, I didn't have any issues with this Smooth Eye Cream from Burt's Bees.

This awesome 99% natural eye cream contains Hibiscus & Apple extracts which helps lock in moisture and smooth lines & wrinkles. It also happens to smell fantastic, but not overpowering. The easy-to-use pump allows you to get out just the needed amount of product for application; it also features a lock on the nozzle so that you won't end up accidentally depressing the pump and end up wasting product- or making a mess!

You can apply this twice-daily- I like putting this around and underneath my eyes each morning when I get up and before I go to bed at night. I've noticed a definitive improvement on smoothing of fine lines and overall skin smoothness, in addition to a reduction in dark circles :)



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