The Beauty Closet's Top 5 Beauty Innovations for Fall 2016:

by Christina

The Top 5 Beauty Innovations for Fall 2016:


Blotterazzi pro



Beautyblender has done it again....they've come out with a new innovative product that solves an age-old beauty problem: excess oil! This washable alternative to blotting papers will not only absorb extra oil & shine, but it also aids in re-texturizing the skin. It also gives your makeup flawless results and comes in a mirrored compact. What's nice about the included compact, is that it contains a divider inside with a vented bottom in order to ensure sponge freshness at all times. Each Blotterazzi pro comes with 2 black cushion blotters.



Delete All- 5 Finger Nail Polish Remover



Have you ever wished there was an easier solution to removing your nail polish that required little effort and didn't take forever? Look no more! Formula X has a actual solution that won't cost tons of cash either :) This awesome product will remove even the toughest of polishes to remove, like glitter & gel products! There's no mess with this and it's quick too = win-win!


Curl & Go Eyelash Curler



If you've ever struggled with taking this tool with you on-the-go or having issues with your traditional lash curler pinching or creasing your lashes- this is the tool for you :) Easy to use, this innovative design allows for the perfect curled lashes with a curl that lasts! There are even 3 replacement pads included. I can use this one with lashes that are already coated with mascara and it won't tug or pull out my lashes like others I've had in the past! 



4. SILK'N ReVit

At-Home Microderm Device



I've been hoping someone would come out with an affordable way to achieve salon-style results at-home and Silk'N has done it! This fantastic device allows you to get your own microdermabrasion treatment in the comfort of your own home :) 3 different head options are included: fine, precision, & coarse. 100% crystal-free and vacuum stimulation helps remove dead skin and leave it rejuvenated and ultra smooth. Get the best results within a week = better skin texture, improved tone, and healthy skin is revealed!



Acne-Clear Invisible Dots



An innovative way to combat acne, without breaking the bank- plus, it actually works :) There are 6 individually-packaged treatments and each one contains 12 dots; the entire package contains 6 of these individual packets. The dots are essential clean little patches that you can apply on top of the blemish and then leave it on overnight. When you awake, you can remove and you will see a marked improvement- if not a complete elimination of the blemish/area you were covering. Each dot contains: .5% salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, and tea tree oil :)



$ = up to $22            $$ = $23-37             $$$ = $38-67       $$$$ = $68-99

$$$$$ = $100 +


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